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Maintenance Services

If you are just looking for Maintenance Services for your property, we can handle it.

  • No more middle of the night phone calls.
  • No more unpredictable bills from contractors.
  • Happier Tenants


Here’s how it works.

    • We collect information about the property and the tenants.
  • Evidence of Insurance – The Declarations Page of the current property insurance policy will suffice.
  • Keys to Property – A copy of all keys to units, storage areas and utility access for the property.
  • Copies of All Current Leases and Tenant Info– This includes any application or identification info available for each tenant. This is necessary in order to be able to initiate collections against any outstanding tenant charges.


    • We set up online portals for the Owner and the Tenants.
    • Owner Portal. We create a unique Owner Portal includes the following:
  • Reports showing all work order requests (which can be initiated by Tenants, the Agent and the Owner.
  • Reports showing all completed work orders and incurred costs.
  • Record of all monies received from Owner and expenses charged to Owner.
  • Picture record of all property inspections.
  • Record of all text messages and emails to/from the owner and to/from Tenants.
    • Tenant Portal. We create a unique Tenant Portal which includes the following:
  • Ability to create a work order request.
  • A record of all text/email communication between Agent and Tenant.
  • Ability to track the status of a pending work order request. (e.g. “Waiting for Approval,” “Approved.” “Assigned,” and “In Progress.”
  • The ability for the tenant to rate and comment on the handling of the work order request.
  • We take over all maintenance requests, and you can sleep at night.

Pricing for our Maintenance Only Services is as follows:

Unit & PricesDescription
1-3 Units: $10
4-8 Units: $7.50
9+ Units: $5
Maintenance Management Fee (MMF)–
MMF is charged on the 1st of each month for each unit being managed. (e.g. 3 units would be billed a total of $30/month, 10 units would be billed $50/month.)
$10Trip Fee
Charged once per work order where we make a trip to the property.
Includes general cleaning. Excellent for after Tenant Move-Out
$40/hrLandscaping, Sprinkler Repair
Fixed pricing for periodic mowing also available.
(x1.5 after hours)
General handyman work
Painting, Sheetrock, light electrical, plumbing. (After 6pm and weekends charged at 1.5 times standard rate)
(x1.5 after hours)
Expert Plumbing and Electrical handyman work
Water Heater/Dishwasher Install/Replace. Electrical short troubleshooting, etc. (After 6pm and weekends charged at 1.5 times standard rate)
$90/hrLicensed Electrician
For work requiring a licensed electrician
$95/hrLicensed HVAC Technician:
For repairs and maintenance on Heating and AC Systems.
15%Supply Fee:
For Supplies required on a project, we charge actual cost plus 15%. We supply copies of receipts for all supplies purchased.
$40Property Inspection: Performed semi-annually, or as per request from Owner. Includes and inspection of inside and outside of property. Full picture log of inspection is uploaded to the Owner Portal, along with recommended repairs and deferred maintenance. Especially useful as a Move-Out inspection to provide documentation for charges against Tenants’ security deposit.